Community Supported Agriculture

CSA stands for community supported agriculture and is a way for community members to buy into our farm at the beginning of the growing season. In return for buying in to the farm, you get a weekly delivery of vegetables straight from our fields.

To inquire about or sign-up for our CSA send an email to


What to Expect

Each week you will receive the freshest 6-8 seasonal vegetables and herbs from the farm. A share is a good fit for 1-3 people. If you live in a household with a large family or you are a serious vegetable eater we recommend buying two shares.


Market Style Pick-Up

Our CSA offers market style pick-up. To prevent excess waste we encourage members to bring there own reusable bags or baskets. All vegetables will be laid out in either bunches, weights, or bags (salad greens). Labels will be next to each vegetable informing members what to take and how much. We try to offer as much choice as possible, allowing members to pick and choose vegetables as often as we can.


Multiple Pick-up Options

We have two different CSA pick-up options for the 2019 growing season.

Jonesborough Farmers Market Saturdays from 8:30-11:30

Lotus Farm & Garden Supply - Downtown Johnson City Tuesdays from 4:00-6:00


The 2019 CSA season will last 25 weeks and go from May-October. A weekly share will cost $20, for a total of $500 for the whole season. You can pay in full at the start of the season (which is extremely helpful) or installments. Throughout the course of the full growing season we strive to provide you a higher quantity of produce than what you pay for so that your money goes further.

Frequently Asked questions

What is a CSA? CSA stands for ‘Community Supported Agriculture’ and means that community members buy in to a farm at the beginning of the season, allowing farmers access to funds to purchase seeds and supplies for the year. As the harvests come in, each member who bought in to the farm receives a weekly allotment of the vegetables produced. It is a wonderful way to support young and beginning farmers, making sure they have the resources to get the season started.

What kinds of vegetables will I receive? This will change from week to week, and we will keep you posted with a weekly newsletter. We are growing a diverse array of vegetables that will change with the seasons so that as a member you will get to enjoy the freshest seasonal vegetables throughout the growing season. In the spring there will be lots of greens and root vegetables, in the summer lots of cucumbers, squash and tomatoes, and the fall will bring winter squash, sweet potatoes and more roots and greens.

What if I don’t know how to cook a certain vegetable? In our weekly newsletters we will try our best to share some of our favorite recipes and inspiration for new vegetables in the share. We love to cook and are always excited to talk to members at CSA pick-ups about what we’re cooking and what you’re cooking. A CSA is all about community and there are a lot of exchanges about what we’re eating and cooking not only with your farmers, but also other members!

Are the vegetables organic? In every way, except that they aren’t certified. We never use any chemical fertilizers or spray any pesticides or herbicides. We eat all of our own food and are proud of the way we grow. We encourage CSA members to ask questions and always welcome CSA members to visit the farm to better understand what our practices look like in person.

Can I pay in installments? We can accept installments, however it's a big help if you can pay up front. We understand that not everyone can make that financial investment and don’t want to turn anyone interested in a CSA away for financial reasons. If you’d like to pay in installments, just let us know and we can work out a plan to pay in 4 payments of $125.

What if I won’t be in town for a delivery? If you are planning to be out of town for a week, please plan ahead and have a friend or family member pick up your share. Let us know someone else will be coming on your behalf. If you don’t have anyone else to pick up your share we will try to deliver a double share on a later pick-up date.

What if I need to cancel my share? If you’re moving out of town or are otherwise dissatisfied with your share for any reason please let us know as soon as possible. We will offer refunds on a pro-rated basis.

I’m worried a CSA isn’t right for me. It might not be, and that’s okay. Our CSA is a great for people who are serious vegetable eaters and people who love to cook, juice, or otherwise use a lot of organic produce. CSA members value being connected to a farm and having a close relationship with their farmers. If you don’t tend to cook often or want only a few types of vegetables, it may be better to support you local farmers at the weekly farmer’s markets.

How can I contact you with more questions? Send us an email at We’re always happy to answer questions and help you make the best decision for your lifestyle.

How can I sign up? If you are interested in joining the CSA please send us an email at, we’d love to have you!